Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's been a long time . . .

I haven't been anywhere with internet access, or mobile service, electricity or hot water for about 10 days. Since the last post, the jeans have seen a little. I won't be able to upload pictures until I hit London or Morocco, but lets see: The jeans have been through London, headed over through Paddington station on the way to a drunken stumble the 17th. On the 18th I hit Kampala, and wandered around downtown by boda-boda (motorscooter with a driver and a passenger, costs 30-70 cents to get most anywhere, drivers often hit cars, it's an adventure). On the 19th, I fell down a waterfall with them on, wandered across some mountains in the Rwenzori range, and headed up to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The 20th we tried to find Chimps, but failed miserably, headed over to Bwindi. The 21st, I went Gorilla tracking, fell off a cliff, and ended up in some weird pseudo-colonial mansion drinking with the staff. Gorilla tracking was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Seeing the baby gorillas curious about us, trying to figure out what we were was just fantastic. After that, we had, lets see... a few days of game drives, our car broke down in the middle of a park, and we fixed it with duct tape and pliers before the elephants got pissed off. Spent a few days hanging out on some island in the middle of a remote lake drinking beer with backpackers and hearing about what it's like to try to hitchhike through rebel territory in DRC. Done a bunch more, like rafting the nile (had to take the jeans off for that), have a few thousand fantastic pictures.

Jeans are fucking filthy, quite apparent whiskering and vertical falling. Been way too hectic to stick to the same thing in a pocket ever. Jeans got a few semi-soaks in downpours, and one "wash" after I fell off a cliff into gorilla shit. Unfortunately all I had was a pocket knife, some wet-ones and a stream, but gorillas chased me away from the stream after a while. Hit a hostel in town today, so I can finally clean them properly.

Pics to come.


justinbaily21 said...

FUCKING AWESOME. There is no way in hell that I will be able to top that without putting quite a bit of thought into it.*

*But please try and use some organic, vegetable based soap without bleach.

Unknown said...

HAHAHA awesome! really good work!

*PLease try to get all traces of Gorilla shit out of these, even if you have to use pure bleech... (JK)



The Etruscan said...

So, I'd love to use some organic vegetable based soap, but my pants have gorilla shit on them. I used the soap they had at the hostel. Kampala isn't quite the kind of town where you can look for that. I'm clear of bleach, but the soap is called like "Nomi Super Clean" and I haven't the faintest clue what it's made from.