Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hectic . . .

I was charged by an angry hippo on Wednesday. That was definitely the most hectic thing to happen to me in these pants yet.

I always thought of hippos as comic and slow. Well, they weigh around 700 kilos, and can sprint around 40 km/h. That thing sprinting towards you is scary, seriously fucking scary. We were all just running backwards, kind of glancing back as the hippo got closer, until the guide fired a few shots into the air, and scared the hippo off. The shots spooked a family of warthogs that ran between us and knocked my friend off his feet in their flight. It was good fun.

Thursday I gave the jeans an minor soak (screwing around with oars got thrown in, took my brother with me) while screwing around on the bank of the Nile up by Lake Victoria.

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